Ministerial Statement (CLICO), Building Society’s Amendment Bill, Banana Industry Bill, National Insurance Benefits (Amendment) Regulations 2008.
Private Members Motions (Motion on Integrity Legislation), Banana Industry Bill
Private Members Motion (Housing Policy of ULP Government), Bills of Exchange (Amendment) Bill
Statement by Ministers (CLICO/British American), Bills of Exchange (Amendment) Bill, Stock Trespass (Amendment) Bill, Immigration Restriction (Amendment) Bill, Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Constitution Reform Bill
Statements by Ministers (Trafficking in Persons Report), St. Vincent and the Grenadines Law Revision (Amendment) Bill
Statements by Ministers (Fiscal Situation of OECS; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ Membership in ALBA; CLICO/British American), Supplementary Estimates for the financial year ending 2009
The Constitutional Reform Debates
The Constitutional Reform Debates (cont'd)
The Constitutional Reform Debates (Cont’d)
Referendum (Alteration of the Constitution) Bill
Rehabilitation of Offenders Bill, Referendum Alteration of the Constitution Regulations 2009